Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Navy Swimsuits

My bestie Brooke and I getting our shop on.

I went to Old Navy recently with my bestie. Brooke and we had an ABSOLUTE blast! I got a free swimsuit and a sweet discount on a new outfit for a wedding. Let me start at the beginning....

It all started about six months ago when I joined a website called Crowdtap. It's this awesome place where you tell companies what you think about them and their marketing strategies and in return, they give you awesome stuff! Flash forward to now. I got picked by Old Navy to sample their new line of amazingly awesome swimsuits and I get to share it with a friend!

So Brooke and I decided to make a fun girl's day out if this sweet opportunity. I left the baby with my hubby ans we set out to Old Navy. The store near my house is always great to shop at. The people are friendly, the store is clean and the shelves are well stocked. 

We got there around noon and decided to go immediately to the swimsuits. I had scoped out the selection online ahead of time so I knew exactly what I wanted to try on. I am usually a tankini kind of girl but I saw the new ControlMax line and knew that it was perfect for me. I have a little bit of a tummy still from having a baby and was so excited for the tummy slimming panel in these suits. I picked out one of those and a couple of other one-piece suits to try on for comparison. Brooke has a spectacular body (I guess one of the benefits to not having kids haha) so she picked out three bikinis to try on. 

We had a good time trying on the suits and showing them to each other. we snapped a few pics of each other and asked the dressing room attendant to take a pic of the two of us together. I think that he was a bit embarrassed to be taking pictures of girls in swimsuits but he was a good sport. We were both thrilled with our selections and couldn't wait for the opportunity to show them off!

While we were there, I wanted to find a new outfit to wear to my cousin's wedding. I probably tried on half the dresses in the store but just kept coming back to the outfit that was on the mannequin at the front of the store. It was a fun and flirty yellow dress with a white cardigan and a bright yellow scarf. It just looked great on me and it was even on sale! Plus, I used my Old Navy Snap Appy on my Android phone and snapped pictures of logos around the store. I scored a coupon for $5 off my purchase! Brooke grabbed a pair of workout pants and a new pair of flip flops while we were there too. 

Overall it was a spectacular trip and we both had so much fun! I am so thankful to Crowdtap and Old Navy for this awesome opportunity!

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