Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Navy Cardi Party!

This weekend I got to head out to my local Old Navy store for an awesome girl's day. I was selected for the Old Navy Cardi Party from Crowdtap. I posted about Crowdtap earlier, but in summation, it's an online program where you tell your opinion about brands for awesome rewards. You should definitely check it out!

So on Saturday, my friends Brooke, Lindsey and Freda and I headed over to the Sandy, UT Old Navy store for some fun and shopping with a little gossip mixed in. We started out in the skirt section. There were an abundance of different patterns, but it seemed that there were only two different styles of skirts, jeans and a stretchy cotton pencil skirt. We each picked out a couple of different ones which was slightly hindered by the fact that not every size was available in every pattern. Apparently they have been popular!

Next we headed over to the scarves. There were some that were awesome and some that we all just looked at inquisitively as if to say to each other, "Who would really wear that?" lol. We actually found the cutest scarves on the mannequins throughout the store. It was a little odd that there was only one of each of the ones we liked, but we each found one that we really liked in the end.

Finally, we stopped at the cardigans. There was a display at the front of the store with the basic scoop-neck cardigans and we all found at least one that we really liked there. We did run into the size problem again - Mediums were in short supply that afternoon. We saw another dispaly further back in the store with a v-neck style cardigan and each grabbed one or two of those aw well.

After a quick stop at the camisole table for something to complete the outfit, we were off to the fitting rooms. We all had such a blast trying on different outfits! We would each put something on, then open our dressing room doors together and display our ensembles. Here are some of our favorite looks:
Freda and her colorful scarf.

Lindsey and Brooke in outfits that totally do not match! lol

Me in one of the skirts I ended up getting and my scarf!

Me in the other skirt that I bought.

Brooke trying to show off as much cleavage as she possible can.

Lindsey in a very cute fall outfit.

Freda and I in come comfy clothes. I bought the whole outfit with the exception of the scarf and Freda ended up with the grey cardi but the rest of that outfit.

Brooke and Lindsey - always the posers!

Loved these sweaters on Brooke and Lindsey. I think that they each bought one too!

Freda having fun with the scarves.

This outfit was seriously amazing on Brooke! She of course had to buy this one!
This is my completed outfit. It was seriously so soft and cozy feeling.
So you can tell from all the pictures that we all had a blast trying everything on! I think that we were in the dressing rooms for over an hour. We had so much fun laughing at each other's scarf trying skills too. We all decided that we're better off with the infinity scarves or not trying them at all. Here's my review of one of my completed outfits that I purchased (please excuse Brooke's shaky camera skills with my camera phone!):

Once I got home, my daughter totally agreed that I had picked out a cute outfit. She's only one and a half, but she's already a little fashionista! She decided that my scarf was too cute for me and that she needed to wear it instead.
Zoey loves "her" scarf!
In all, I ended up coming home with a jeans skirt and a cotton skirt, a striped cardigan and a matching camisole and a striped scarf. Ooh... and the best part, I used the Old Navy Snap Appy while in the store and scored a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon so I got a discount on the extras too! Gotta love the snap appy!!

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap for this wonderful opportunity! We all needed a coffee break at the Starbucks next door to wind down after that! :)

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