Sunday, December 16, 2012

Old Navy Sweaters

I am excited to once again be posting about an awesome experience at Old Navy! I got another opportunity to go to Old Navy via the Old Navy Style Council and Crowdtap. This time, my best friend Brooke and I were checking out the amazing selection of sweaters they have! I am SUCH an ON sweater fan. I have about a dozen of them that I wear nearly every day of the week through the fall and winter! I was so stoked when I heard that I would be able to pick out a new one totally free!!

Brooke and I hopped in the car the Saturday after Thanksgiving, also known as the biggest shopping weekend of the year! We headed to the Sandy, UT Old Navy which is my absolute favorite. The store was crazy busy as expected, but what I didn't expect was for the store to look spotless and well stocked and to have so many friendly and helpful staff members there through all the crazy shoppers! I was thoroughly impressed! We didn't even have to wait in line before more than one person to check out! Totally blew me away.

Anywho, we started out on a bit of a blitz through the store, looking at any and every type of sweater we could find. There were button up sweaters and zip up sweaters and pullovers and sweater dresses. It was a serious sweater-explosion up in there! We each picked up at least six or ten sweaters a piece that we just loved and headed to the dressing rooms to narrow down the choices.

This is the first sweater I tried on. It fit just fine, but it just wasn't the right shape for my body type I think. In any event, I was told that this was just not flattering on me so I moved on.

Brooke on the other hand, totally pulled this one off!

Next Brooke tried on a couple of bright colors that were wonderully festive looking! I think that the darker blue really brought out the color in her eyes and made her hair color totally stand out! I love that ON has these awesome color choices!!
I tried on a cardigan which I already knew I would love. I could seriously wear their cardi's every day of the week!

Finally, we got to our absolute favorites. Brooke just looked amazing in this flowy number and she just had to have it the second she put it on. The zip up sweater that I am wearing is just so so so so so soft that I couldn't handle it. I knew instantly that I was not leaving the store without it!

We had so much fun shopping together as we always do at ON and are definitely planning a repeat trip! On our way out (perusing the aisles as we always have to do) I noticed this adorable selection of baby sweaters. This one was just so cute that I had to buy it for my daughter. I mean, if mommy gets a new sweater, she should get one too, right?!

Here's my final review and overview of our trip. I hope you've enjoyed the blog and I've inspired you to go grab yourself a new sweater for the holidays! I know that you won't be disappointed by Old Navy because I never am!

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